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We’re preparing a huge update to our settings experience

June 08, 2017 16:04

In the coming weeks you will see a huge change in how the settings pages in the feeder extension. Since we launched them in 2012 the experience has stayed pretty much the same. We felt that they didn’t really communicate well what was possible with feeder and the available features we spent so much love adding. 

The settings pages for logged in users has historically been completely different from users without accounts. Now using some engineering magic we have unified them into one codebase and on one platform. That means any improvements for logged in users will be applied to the settings pages for logged out users as well. 

We’re currently rolling out this massive overhaul. It’s being done in steps because we took the opportunity to touch up the entire codebase of the extension and we don’t want any nasty surprises. (It’s now written in TypeScript, which is awesome). Currently it’s released to 5% of our users.

If you have any feedback or comments regarding this, we’re always listening on

Until next time!

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