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Introducing: Feeder's Beta Program 😍

Today, we are excited to unveil Feeder's highly anticipated Beta Program - an opportunity for our users to get an early glimpse of the exciting features and improvements we have in store, and provide feedback to influence the development of Feeder.

Why you should join the Beta Program

  1. Early access to new features: As a Beta Program participant, you will be among the first to explore and experience the latest features before they are rolled out to the wider audience. Get a sneak peek into our cutting-edge developments and help shape the direction of our platform.
  2. Direct impact on product development: Your feedback is invaluable to us. By actively participating in the Beta Program, you will have the opportunity to influence the future of Feeder. Share your ideas, suggestions, and report any bugs or glitches you encounter directly to our dedicated support team. Together, we can make Feeder even better.

What can I expect?

In the first release, we have simply focused on getting the beta program into our release flow and improving our feedback capabilities within the product.

So there's no new features to test right away. But stay tuned - and the first improvement should be right around the corner 😉

How to join the Beta Program

Participating in the Beta Program is easy! Simply sign in to your Feeder account and head to the Account page. In the bottom you should see a button to join the beta program*

For more detailed instructions, head on over to this help article.

We look forward to your opinions!

* Beta access is limited to paying users at the moment

Your feedback matters

At Feeder, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Your feedback helps us understand your needs better and enables us to deliver the best professional news manager on the market.

If you encounter any issues, have ideas for enhancements, or simply want to share your thoughts - but do not qualify for the beta program - please reach out to us at We appreciate your valuable input!

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