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[Beta Release] Introducing: Workspaces for Teams

As a participant of our Beta Program you will be receiving our first ever Beta Exclusive release today. And it's a good one.

Introducing: Workspaces for Teams ✨

Collaboration between team members is one of the most powerful and loved features in Feeder - but has, up until now, been a bit daunting for new users. This renaming and full UX-overhaul is aiming to rectify that.

What has changed?

In this first release we have:

  • Renamed Groups to Workspaces
  • Completely re-designed the Team homepage to clarify the purpose of Workspaces
  • Made adding Feeds to a Workspace (prev. Group) easier than ever before
  • Added a guided onboarding for first-time Workspace users

How to get started?

We have compiled a little help article for you to get started. Read more on this link:

We love your feedback

This release is currently exclusive to our valued Beta users - and your feedback is invaluable for us to make any necessary improvements before the final release. So don’t forget to leave your thoughts and concerns in the Feedback form.

Thank you again for being part of Feeder's Beta program. As always if you want to reach us, simply write us at

P.S. If you're not already in the Beta Program - make sure you're on a paid plan and join now on

We look forward to your feedback!

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