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With Feeder, you keep 100% updated with all relevant sources – other researchers, publications, websites, newsletters or even through social media like Mastadon. Feeder is specialized in following content from many different sources and keeping organized.

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When you’re working with many different sources, it’s easy to miss an important update. With Feeder, you can get instant updates via e-mail, phone, or desktop to ensure you never miss a thing. Distribute the information to others, create workflows and keep track of everything.

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Feeder displays important information in an easy to digest way, so you can take it in at one glance. Filter to increase relevancy and customize the view to your needs. You won’t believe how much easier research is with a little bit of organization.

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Feeder for research can be tailored to your specific needs. Customise what sources your or your team follow. Automate the manual process of checking for updates. Our crawlers are awake and working 24/7 so you can rest at ease.

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Incidence of Covid-19 in Children

Published 1 min ago

Incidence of Covid-19 in Children

Published 1 min ago


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Pharmaceutical scientists and researchers are expertly trained to discover, develop, test and manufacture new medications. That means they need to keep an eye on many different sources:

Government feeds

The is where the researcher can keep updated on regulations, laws and nationwide or even global updates to pharma-related policies. Being alerted to relevant change is absolutely necessary to ensure research remains on course. Stay updated with your favorite government feeds with Feeder.


Journals cover studies, new findings, as well as hypotheses and can help pharma researchers get new ideas and stay updated with what other researchers around the globe are working on. Journals are a trustworthy source of information that may also serve as sources. Stay updated with your favorite journals with Feeder.


Blogs are similar to pharma research related journals, but offer content that is usually a bit more innovative. They also tend to update with new content more regularly and are a great way for researchers to keep track of trends and different opinions in their field. Stay updated with your favorite blogs with Feeder.

Not enough?

It's never enough! That's why you can even add your favorite social media feeds, following a certain researcher? Add their Mastadon feed. Have a great newsletter? Add that to your Feeder. We help you create the best mix of content for your needs.

Case study

How pharmaceutical researchers use Feeder to enhance their work

We have created an in-depth article on how to get started, and examples on how researchers use Feeder to enhance their work.

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