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Last updated about 22 hours ago

Microsoft answered Congress' questions on security. Now the White House needs to act

about 22 hours ago

Business as usual needs a real change Feature  Microsoft president Brad Smith...

Stanford Internet Observatory wilts under legal pressure during election year

1 day ago

Because who needs disinformation research at times like these The Stanford Internet...

Meta won't train AI on Euro posts after all as watchdogs put their paws down

1 day ago

Facebook parent calls step forward for privacy a 'step backwards' Meta has...

Nigerian faces up to 102 years in the slammer for $1.5M phishing scam

1 day ago

Crook and his alleged co-conspirators said to have used Discord to coordinate...

Ukraine busts SIM farms targeting soldiers with spyware

1 day ago

Russia recruits local residents to support battlefield goals Infrastructure that enabled two...

French state bidding for piece of Atos, offers €700M

1 day ago

Big data + security division could be owed by the government and...

Microsoft bigwig says the Feds catching Chinese spies in Exchange Online is the cloud working as intended

2 days ago

'It's not our job to find the culprits – That's what we're...

US Space Force wanted $77M to reinforce GPS – and Congress shot it down

2 days ago

Can't we do this another way, like without $1B over 5 years...

Oracle Ads have had it: $2B operation shuts down after dwindling to $300M

2 days ago

In this slightly more private era, your data ain't as profitable as...

Ukrainian cops collar Kyiv programmer believed to be Conti, LockBit linchpin

2 days ago

28-year-old accused of major ransomware attacks across Europe An alleged cog in...

Google's Privacy Sandbox more like a privacy mirage, campaigners claim

2 days ago

Chocolate Factory accused of misleading Chrome browser users Privacy campaigner noyb has...

Student's flimsy bin bags blamed for latest NHS data breach

2 days ago

Confidential patient information found by member of the public A data protection...