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Last updated 1 day ago

Error'd: All Michael

1 day ago

One of our most dedicated readers Michael R., is also one of...

CodeSOD: Broken Loop

3 days ago

Kyle sends us a puzzler of bad code today. It appears in...

CodeSOD: Gonna Need an Extension

4 days ago

Ever since the DOS days, determining file type based on the three...

CodeSOD: Terminated Nulls

5 days ago

When you get into the world of proprietary filesystems, things can get...

CodeSOD: A Mid Query

6 days ago

Many years ago, Tom supported a VB6 application. It was about 750,000...

Error'd: Just a Taste

9 days ago

I'm fresh out of snark this week, so I'm relying on the...

CodeSOD: Time for Oracle

10 days ago

Many a time, we've seen a program reach out into the database...

CodeSOD: Maximizing Code Quality

11 days ago

One of the nice things about Git is that it makes it...

CodeSOD: I saw the Vorzeichen

12 days ago

Chilly inherited a VB .Net application which generates an "IDoc" file which...

CodeSOD: A Type of Alias

13 days ago

Joe inherited some C code that left him scratching his head It...

Error'd: Beer and Peanuts

16 days ago

We got a lot of good submissions this week, including some examples...

Structure is Structure

17 days ago

Back in the heady days of the DotCom Bubble, startups were thick...