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Last updated about 1 month ago

Hacking our way to better team meetings

about 1 month ago

My team and I set out to build a simple note taking...

District heating: Using data centers to heat communities

3 months ago

An inside look at the Tallaght District Heating Scheme, where Heat Works...

What I've been reading since re:Invent

4 months ago

After a busy conference season, I've taken some time to catch up...

Tech predictions for 2024 and beyond

7 months ago

The coming years will be filled with innovation in areas designed to...

Standing on the shoulders of giants: Colm on constant work

7 months ago

The Builders' Library gathers the expertise of Amazon's most experience builders in...

Farewell EC2-Classic, it’s been swell

10 months ago

It is time to celebrate EC2-Classic, which defined early cloud computing, and...

Building and operating a pretty big storage system called S3

11 months ago

Three distinct perspectives on scale that come along with building and operating...

A few words on taking notes

12 months ago

As we are about to start the planning meetings for 2024 at...

Monoliths are not dinosaurs

about 1 year ago

Building evolvable software systems is a strategy, not a religion. And revisiting...

Can autonomous trucks transform the global supply chain?

about 1 year ago

For the season finale of Now Go Build, I traveled to Arizona...

How AI coding companions will change the way developers work

about 1 year ago

Developer tools are one area where generative AI is already having a...

AI doesn't plant trees

about 1 year ago

I went on a journey with the Vietnam AWS team to plant...