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Dwarf Fortress Development Log

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Last updated about 1 month ago

2024-03-06: DF 50.12 Released

about 1 month ago

DF Version 50.12 has been released.


about 2 months ago

(Toady One) The forum appears to have crashed badly - I have...


2 months ago

(Toady One) (Threetoe) Here's the February report and also a Future of...


3 months ago

(Toady One) Sorry for the news delay - I've been expecting a...


4 months ago

(Toady One) Variously progressing along. Adventure mode is going well. Arena adventurers...


5 months ago

(Toady One) (Threetoe) A report! A reply!


5 months ago

(Toady One) The video I mentioned back in October was posted, an...


6 months ago

(Toady One) (Threetoe) Here's a report for the month . And Future...


6 months ago

(Toady One) Pretty much the same topics as last time, but I'll...


6 months ago

(Toady One) Continuing along with adventure mode stuff. We posted a roadmap...


7 months ago

(Toady One) Here's a patch for a linux log crash and tutorial...

2023-10-03: DF 50.11 Released

7 months ago

DF Version 50.11 has been released.