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Last updated 3 days ago

Using the circuit-breaker pattern with AWS Lambda extensions and Amazon DynamoDB

3 days ago

This post is written by Alan Oberto Jimenez, Senior Cloud Application Architect...

Running code after returning a response from an AWS Lambda function

12 days ago

This post is written by Uri Segev, Principal Serverless Specialist SA When...

Accelerating workflow development with the TestState API in AWS Step Functions

17 days ago

This post is written by Ben Freiberg, Senior Solutions Architect Developers often...

Architecting for Disaster Recovery on AWS Outposts Racks with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

about 1 month ago

This blog post is written by Brianna Rosentrater, Hybrid Edge Specialist SA...

Serverless ICYMI Q1 2024

about 2 months ago

Welcome to the 25th edition of the AWS Serverless ICYMI (in case...

Automating chaos experiments with AWS Fault Injection Service and AWS Lambda

about 2 months ago

This post is written by André Stoll, Solution Architect Chaos engineering is...

Sending and receiving CloudEvents with Amazon EventBridge

2 months ago

Amazon EventBridge helps developers build event-driven architectures (EDA) by connecting loosely coupled...

Building a Serverless Streaming Pipeline to Deliver Reliable Messaging

2 months ago

This post is written by Jeff Harman, Senior Prototyping Architect, Vaibhav Shah...

Comparing design approaches for building serverless microservices

3 months ago

This post is written by Luca Mezzalira, Principal SA, and Matt Diamond...

Introducing the .NET 8 runtime for AWS Lambda

3 months ago

This post is written by Beau Gosse, Senior Software Engineer and Paras...

Deploying an EMR cluster on AWS Outposts to process data from an on-premises database

3 months ago

This post is written by Eder de Mattos, Sr. Cloud Security Consultant...