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Last updated about 2 hours ago

A Growing Number of Americans Are Getting Their News From TikTok

about 2 hours ago

According to a new survey from the Pew Research Center, TikTok is...

OIN Expands Linux Patent Protection Yet Again (But Not To AI)

about 3 hours ago

Steven Vaughan-Nichols reports via ZDNet: While Linux and open-source software (OSS) are...

Google's Privacy Sandbox Accused of Misleading Chrome Browser Users

about 3 hours ago

Richard Speed reports via The Register: Privacy campaigner noyb has filed a...

Amazon Says It'll Spend $230 Million On Generative AI Startups

about 4 hours ago

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Amazon says that it...

Police Arrest Conti and LockBit Ransomware Crypter Specialist

about 5 hours ago

The Ukraine cyber police, supported by information from the Dutch police, arrested...

Oracle Is Shutting Down Its Ad Business

about 5 hours ago

During its earnings call on Monday, Oracle CEO Safra Catz told analysts...

Fired Employee Accessed NCS' Computer 'Test System' and Deleted Servers

about 6 hours ago

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Singapore's CNA news channel: Kandula...

Congress Seeks Answers From Microsoft Boss After a 'Cascade' of Security Errors

about 7 hours ago

Speaking of Microsoft, the House Homeland Security committee is grilling Microsoft President...

Mars Got Cooked by a Recent Solar Storm

about 7 hours ago

The sun fired off a volley of radiation-riddled outbursts in May. When...

Indian Startup 3D Prints Rocket Engine in Just 72 Hours

about 9 hours ago

cusco writes: Indian space startup Agnikul used a 3-D printer from German...

Turkish Student Arrested For Using AI To Cheat in University Exam

about 10 hours ago

Turkish authorities have arrested a student for cheating during a university entrance...

China Is Testing More Driverless Cars Than Any Other Country

about 11 hours ago

Assisted driving systems and robot taxis are becoming more popular in China...