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Last updated about 9 hours ago

Congratulations to the PartyRock generative AI hackathon winners

about 10 hours ago

The PartyRock Generative AI Hackathon wrapped up earlier this month. Entrants were...

Tackle complex reasoning tasks with Mistral Large, now available on Amazon Bedrock

13 days ago

Last month, we announced the availability of two high-performing Mistral AI models...

Introducing AWS Deadline Cloud: Set up a cloud-based render farm in minutes

13 days ago

Customers in industries such as architecture, engineering, & construction (AEC) and media...

AWS Weekly Roundup — AWS Chips Taste Test, generative AI updates, Community Days, and more — April 1, 2024

14 days ago

Today is April Fool’s Day. About 10 years ago, some tech companies...

Amazon GuardDuty EC2 Runtime Monitoring is now generally available

17 days ago

Amazon GuardDuty is a machine learning (ML)-based security monitoring and intelligent threat...

Improve the security of your software supply chain with Amazon CodeArtifact package group configuration

25 days ago

Starting today, administrators of package repositories can manage the configuration of multiple...

AWS Weekly Roundup — Claude 3 Haiku in Amazon Bedrock, AWS CloudFormation optimizations, and more — March 18, 2024

28 days ago

Storage, storage, storage! Last week, we celebrated 18 years of innovation on...

Run and manage open source InfluxDB databases with Amazon Timestream

about 1 month ago

Starting today, you can use InfluxDB as a database engine in Amazon...