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Last updated about 9 hours ago

Monitor application performance with Distributed Tracing

1 day ago

Downtime due to application defects or performance issues can have devastating financial...

Online retailer bol tackles growing compliance needs with GitLab

2 days ago

Bol, which uses GitLab Ultimate, is one of the largest online retailers...

Top tips for efficient AI-powered code suggestions with GitLab Duo

3 days ago

GitLab Duo, our suite of AI-powered features, provides a unique opportunity to...

Combine GitLab webhooks and Twilio for SMS alerts on DevSecOps platform

4 days ago

We all strive to create the most robust and secure DevSecOps environments...

Developing GitLab Duo: Blending AI and Root Cause Analysis to fix CI/CD pipelines

8 days ago

Generative AI marks a monumental shift in the software development industry, making...

GitLab Support to require sign-in to create support tickets

9 days ago

In line with the changes made last year requiring support contacts to...

Secure by Design principles meet DevSecOps innovation in GitLab 17

9 days ago

Secure by Design just turned one! Introduced by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure...

A CI component builder's journey

10 days ago

I've always found it fascinating that my father, a heavy-duty mechanic by...

Developing GitLab Duo series

11 days ago

Generative AI marks a monumental shift in the software development industry, making...

Inside look: How GitLab's Test Platform team validates AI features

11 days ago

AI is increasingly becoming a centerpiece of software development - many companies...

GitLab extends Omnibus package signing key expiration to 2025

14 days ago

GitLab uses a GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) key to sign all Omnibus...

A beginner's guide to the Git reftable format

15 days ago

Until recently, the "files" format was the only way for Git to...