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Last updated about 3 hours ago

Shipping Your Illicit Software on Launch Hardware

about 3 hours ago

In the course of a career, you may run up against projects...

Marimbatron: A Digital Marimba Prototyping Project

about 6 hours ago

The Marimbatron is [Leo Kuipers] ‘s final project as part of the...

A 1940s Car Radio Receives Some Love

about 8 hours ago

The entertainment systems in modern vehicles is akin to a small in-dash...

TDS 744A Scope Teardown Fixes Dodgy Channel

about 11 hours ago

There are a lot of oscilloscopes from around the 1990s which are...

PCB Design Review: A 5V UPS With LTC4040

about 12 hours ago

Do you have a 5 V device you want to run 24/7...

Long-Awaited SLS4All 3D Printer Now Shipping

about 15 hours ago

We touched on the open source SLS4All DIY SLS 3D printer a...

Raspberry Pi Saves Printer from Junk Pile

about 18 hours ago

Around here, printers have a life expectancy of about two years if...

Restoring a Vintage CGA Card with Homebrew HASL

about 21 hours ago

Right off the bat, we’ll stipulate that what [Adrian] is doing in...

Startup Claims it Can Boost CPU Performance by 2-100X

1 day ago

Although Moore’s Law has slowed at bit as chip makers reach the...

FLOSS Weekly Episode 787: VDO Ninja — It’s a Little Bit Hacky

1 day ago

This week Jonathan Bennett and Katherine Druckman chat with Steve Seguin about...

Tight Handheld CRT Asteroids Game Curses in Tuscan

1 day ago

How many Arduini does it take to make a tiny CRT Asteroids...

The World’s First DIY Minicomputer Was Almost Australian

1 day ago

The EDUC-8, a DIY minicomputer design that came out in “Electronics Australia”...