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Last updated about 13 hours ago

Betting on AI? You must first consider product-market fit

about 14 hours ago

We're using hammers to cook pancakes. To get real value from AI...

AI regulation in peril: Navigating uncertain times

about 16 hours ago

Unified efforts are essential to ensure that AI development remains ethical, safe...

There’s a simple answer to the AI bias conundrum: More diversity

1 day ago

How can we proactively mitigate AI bias and create less harmful models...

Nintendo revives Famicom Detective Club in year of mystery | Kaser Focus

1 day ago

2024 is the year of mystery, or at least the year of...

CrowdStrike’s IT outage makes it clear why cyber resilience matters

2 days ago

The more cyber resilient a business is, the greater the ability to...

Tabnine wins AI Innovation Award for Best Presentation at VB Transform 2024

2 days ago

A "Coaching” capability can constrain the output of Tabnine to match explicit...

Bethesda Game Studios workers unionize under Communications Workers of America

2 days ago

Bethesda Game Studios workers voted to join the CWA, forming the first...

EA’s return to College Football is a hit, over 2M players pre-launch

2 days ago

Electronic Arts returns to the NCAA with the launch of EA Sports...

Gen Z players are highly engaged and looking for new games | Newzoo

2 days ago

Newzoo's latest Global Gamer Study report shows that Gen Z players are...

OpenAI, Nvidia, and Hugging Face unveil small AI models: GPT-4o Mini, Mistral-Nemo, and SmolLM lead industry shift

2 days ago

OpenAI, Nvidia, and Hugging Face unveil compact AI models GPT-4o Mini, Mistral-Nemo...

What’s going on with your tech stack? Catio’s AI copilot knows

2 days ago

Catio creates a “canonical view” of architecture requirements with dashboard-level analytics. The...

Researchers develop technique to give robots “embodied reasoning” abilities

3 days ago

Embodied Chain-of-Thought Reasoning is a technique that enables robots to accomplish complex...