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Last updated 16 days ago

An even faster Microsoft Edge

16 days ago

Over the past month, you may have noticed that some of Edge's...

Microsoft Edge for Business: Revolutionizing your business with AI, security and productivity

23 days ago

Safe browsing is more important than ever as today's digital landscape sees...

Control Edge memory usage with resource controls

about 1 month ago

Boost your gaming experience even more with the new resource controls setting...

Deprecating support for -ms-high-contrast and -ms-high-contrast-adjust

about 2 months ago

Today, we're announcing the deprecation of the CSS -ms-high-contrast media query and...

Improving text editing on the web, one feature at a time

about 2 months ago

The web’s success is due, in big parts, to its ability to...

Introducing the Edge 2024 web platform top developer needs dashboard

about 2 months ago

Today, the Edge team is happy to introduce the Edge 2024 web...

Contributing to Speedometer 3.0: Capturing real-world challenges on the web

3 months ago

In collaboration with cross-industry browser vendors under the Speedometer governance policy, the...

New Privacy-Preserving Ads API coming to Microsoft Edge

3 months ago

In recent years, the web browser ecosystem has begun to pursue a...

Latest (and greatest) AI-powered tools in Edge you didn’t know you needed

4 months ago

Advances in AI technology can be intimidating and maybe even overwhelming, but...

A new way to build custom web editing experiences with EditContext

4 months ago

One of the biggest challenges that developers face when working with advanced...

Edge is faster than ever before on Macs with M2

4 months ago

The performance at which Microsoft Edge renders webpages has always been a...

Microsoft Edge and Interop 2024

4 months ago

Microsoft Edge is pleased to, once again, join Apple, Mozilla, Google, Bocoup...