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Stratechery by Ben Thompson

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Last updated 14 days ago

The E.U. Goes Too Far

14 days ago

Apple’s increasingly fraught adventures with European regulators is a bit of a...

Summer Break: Week of July 1st

21 days ago

Stratechery is on summer break the week of July 1. There will...

Apple Intelligence is Right On Time

about 1 month ago

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference keynote kicks off in a few hours...

AI Integration and Modularization

about 2 months ago

Satya Nadella, in last week’s Stratechery Interview, said in response to a...

Windows Returns

2 months ago

Full disclosure: I didn’t have any plans to write this Article; I...

The Great Flattening

2 months ago

Apple did what needed to be done to get that unfortunate iPad...

Meta and Reasonable Doubt

3 months ago

Stop me if you heard this one before. From Bloomberg Mark Zuckerberg...

Meta and Open

3 months ago

Apple released the Vision Pro on February 2; 12 days later Meta...

MKBHD’s For Everything

3 months ago

Anniversaries are strange: no one but those involved have any reason to...

Gemini 1.5 and Google’s Nature

3 months ago

It was impossible to miss the leading message at yesterday’s Google Cloud...

Nvidia Waves and Moats

4 months ago

From the Wall Street Journal The Nvidia frenzy over artificial intelligence has...