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Last updated about 15 hours ago

Rapidus Adds Chip Packaging Services to Plans for $32 Billion 2nm Fab

about 20 hours ago

To say that the global foundry market is booming right now would...

MSI Teases Z790 Project Zero Plus Motherboard With CAMM2 Memory Support

1 day ago

MSI on Thursday published the first image of a new desktop motherboard...

ASUS NUC14RVHv7 and ASRock Industrial NUC BOX-155H Review: Meteor Lake Brings Accelerated AI to UCFF PCs

2 days ago

Intel's Meteor Lake series of processors has had a drawn-out launch since...

TSMC's Roadmap at a Glance: N3X, N2P, A16 Coming in 2025/2026

3 days ago

As announced last week by TSMC, later this year the company is...

TSMC Offers a Peek at 'Global Gigafab' Process Replication Program

3 days ago

At its European Technology Symposium last week TSMC revealed some of the...

TSMC to Expand CoWoS Capacity by 60% Yearly Through 2026

4 days ago

Customer demand for AI and HPC processors is driving a much greater...

One More EPYC: AMD Launches Entry-Level Zen 4-based EPYC 4004 Series

4 days ago

Ever since AMD re-emerged as a major competitor within the x86 CPU...

Lenovo Unveils Yoga Slim 7x 14 Gen 14 and ThinkPad T14 Gen 6 Notebooks Powered By Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite

5 days ago

While we've been expecting the availability of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite...

Intel Teases Lunar Lake CPU Ahead of Computex: Most Power Efficient x86 Chip Yet

5 days ago

The next few weeks in the PC industry are going to come...

TSMC Outlines Path to EUV Success: More Tools, More Wafers, & Best Pellicles In Industry

8 days ago

Although TSMC can't claim to be the first fab to use extreme...

Capsule Review: Sunon Maglev 120mm Fan

8 days ago

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Taiwan, Sunon (aka Sunonwealth Electric Machine...

Not Dead Yet: WD Releases New 6TB 2.5-Inch External Hard Drives - First Upgrade in Seven Years

9 days ago

The vast majority of laptops nowadays use solid-state drives, which is why...