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Last updated 6 months ago

The Two Reacts

6 months ago

UI = f(data)(state)

A Chain Reaction

7 months ago

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

npm audit: Broken by Design

about 3 years ago

Security is important. Nobody wants to be the person advocating for less...

Before You memo()

over 3 years ago

There are many articles written about React performance optimizations. In general, if...

The WET Codebase

about 4 years ago

The Don’t Repeat Yourself Wikipedia article states Violations of DRY are typically...

Goodbye, Clean Code

over 4 years ago

It was a late evening My colleague has just checked in the...

My Decade in Review

over 4 years ago

I started this decade as a first-year college student fresh out of...

What Are the React Team Principles?

over 4 years ago

During my time on the React team, I’ve been lucky to see...

On let vs const

over 4 years ago

My previous post included this paragraph let vs const vs var: Usually...

What Is JavaScript Made Of?

over 4 years ago

During my first few years of using JavaScript, I felt like a...

How Does the Development Mode Work?

almost 5 years ago

If your JavaScript codebase is even moderately complex, you probably have a...

Algebraic Effects for the Rest of Us

almost 5 years ago

Have you heard about algebraic effects My first attempts to figure out...