Inbox zero

Do you ever feel overloaded with work? That there’s so much to do that sometimes nothing gets done? These are common feelings and they’re often linked to an overloaded inbox. 

How to read less but stay on top of more news

Imagine a newsroom with many journalists. Every single journalist is fully focused on covering the news in their area of interest. At the same time they all need to have a constant birds-eye-view of everything else that’s going on. In this post we’ll research this problem further, and introduce the Feeder workflow.

Improve your workflow with keyboard navigation

We want to show you some easy ways to get more work done faster with Feeder. The optimal work posture is to keep two hands on the keyboard at all times. Moving between your mouse or trackpad constantly both strains your arms and is a small context switch for your brain.

How to break stories faster

With the world constantly changing and evolving, staying on top of information has always been and will always be important. We’ve mentioned many times that Feeder works with plenty of journalists and news agencies around the world and that they all have one thing in common: They need to be first.