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With Feeder, you keep 100% updated with all new jobs – on Gengo, Upwork or wherever else you look for gigs. Feeder is specialized in following content from many different sources and keeping it organized.

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When you’re hunting for jobs manually, it’s easy for a good one to slip through your fingers. With Feeder, you can get instant updates via e-mail, phone, or on your desktop to ensure you never miss a thing. You can even share gigs with friends!

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Feeder displays content in an easy to digest way, so you can take it in at one glance. Filter to increase relevancy and customize the view to your needs. You won’t believe how much faster your job search is with a little bit of organization.


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With Feeder you can follow almost any job source. Some of our user favorites include: Upwork, Gengo,, Guru, Craigslist, and more.

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Job hunting can be tough and tiring. Jobs pop up on many different sites at random times throughout the day and constantly checking sources to find that one relevant gig can be stressful and time-consuming.

Feeder is built to relieve this pain.


Gengo Integration
Super fast updates
All jobs in one place
Advanced filters

Directly integrated with Gengo

Take your job search to the next level by installing our Gengo power-up. This addon makes it easier than ever to manage jobs via Gengo.

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What our users are saying

As a translator, Feeder has become my number one tool to get constant, updated information on new jobs as they become available. I also appreciate being able to customize it to my personal needs as well as using my account on different operating systems, devices and browsers.

– Alicia L. Alonso, Gengo translator

For me it is super important to be among the first 5 who respond to new job postings. And thanks to the Feeder's fast updates and special filters, I always am. I recommend this app to everyone who understands that speed matters!

– Nazar Malyy, freelance translator

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