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Last updated about 1 hour ago

Which Hyperdimension Neptunia Game Did You Enjoy the Most?

about 1 hour ago

There’s a new Hyperdimension Neptunia game out now! Idea Factory International released...

Angel Heart Hello Kitty Anniversary Watch Has an Apple Charm

about 2 hours ago

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Angel Heart and the 50th anniversary...

Review: Baladins Runs Itself in Circles

about 4 hours ago

Baladins is a game I really wanted to love. It has a...

FFXIV Red Mage and Sage Dawntrail Changes Are Exceptional

about 5 hours ago

Anyone who has been a Final Fantasy XIV player for a couple...

Review: Demon Slayer Sweep the Board Is Solid Fun

about 7 hours ago

The Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) series inspired many offshoots like games,...

Pikmin Hats Make You Look Like a Pikmin

about 23 hours ago

Taito has stocked some of its crane game machines with hats that...

I’m Desperate for Little Kitty, Big City DLC

1 day ago

I love Little Kitty, Big City. Even though it is probably a...

Hololive Vtuber Calliope Mori on Break Following Knee Surgery

1 day ago

Hololive English Myth Vtuber Calliope Mori took to YouTube to offer an...

Towa Tsugai Service to End in July 2024

1 day ago

Square Enix announced that it will shut down Towa Tsugai on July...

How Kaiju No. 8 Explores Maturity, Regret, and Giant Monsters

1 day ago

Naoya Matsumoto's ongoing Shonen Jump manga Kaiju No. 8 captured the hearts...

One Piece Chopper Tamagotchi Feels More Like a Friend Than a Pet

1 day ago

Bandai Namco promised everyone would get a chance to pick up the...

Ghost in the Shell Arrives in Girls’ Frontline

1 day ago

Sunborn Japan Co., Ltd announced more details about the crossover event between...