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smitten kitchen

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Last updated 9 days ago

perfect blueberry muffin loaf

9 days ago

It’s been about what how has it been almost 8 years since...

black bean and vegetable bake

16 days ago

Letter of recommendation: Make a deep skillet of your favorite taco or...

steamed artichokes

25 days ago

Artichokes are my favorite vegetable. My favorite way to eat them is...

spinach and artichoke pan pizza

about 1 month ago

Over the pandemic, I quietly broke up with every pizza dough recipe...

new york crumb cake

about 2 months ago

Hasn’t it always been too long since your last slice of profoundly...

turkey meatloaf for skeptics

2 months ago

Meatloaf has a PR problem. It took me a while to come...

weeknight tomato soup

3 months ago

While this is not the Smitten Kitchen’s only tomato soup — there’s...

chocolate raspberry pavlova stack

3 months ago

It’s been way too long since we had a showstopper of a...

crispy potatoes with mushrooms

4 months ago

I like to think that I made a smashing impression on my...

french onion baked lentils and farro

4 months ago

This is clearly not a pasta bake, but it was supposed to...

rolled spinach omelet

5 months ago

A frequently asked question I get about *all of this* (waves hands...

brown butter brown sugar shortbread

5 months ago

Fifteen Decembers ago, I shared a recipe for one of the delicious...