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Last updated 19 days ago

Don't Make this Mistake when Making Cinnamon Rolls!

19 days ago

Don't be like me. This post is short and sweet today, but...

Salted Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Latte Cookies

about 1 month ago

A brown sugar, crispy-edged, soft-in-the-middle oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with a shot...

Carrot Cake Cookies

2 months ago

I won't even go into the "these-cookies-are-good-for-you-because-they-contain-carrots" lecture. You know that already....

EASY Two-Tone Chocolate Heart Decorated Cookies for Last-Minute Valentine Treats

3 months ago

Yes! You still have time to make Valentine's Day Cookies! You do...

Punny Food-Themed Valentine Decorated Cookies

4 months ago

If you've been reading Bake at 350 for a while, you already...

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Chickpea (!) Cookie Dough Bites

4 months ago

Don't hate me because I'm bean-iful.  Satisfying little bites of chocolate chocolate...

6 Favorite January Recipes

4 months ago

While I'm starting the year trying to EAT MORE PLANTS, that doesn't...

Almond or Chocolate? Which Galette des Rois (French King Cake) Will You Make for Epiphany?

5 months ago

Listen, I know we're going light on the sweets after Christmas (my...

Your TEN Favorite Bake at 350 Recipes from 2023!

5 months ago

This was actually a fun exercise - going through my 2023 recipes...

German Chocolate-Dipped Almond Horn Cookies (Mandelhörnchen)

5 months ago

I conducted a poll on Instagram: Do you want another cookie recipe...

Pink Snowball Cookies

5 months ago

With a nod to the nostalgic Snoballs snack cakes, these buttery coconut...

Banana Coffee Cake

5 months ago

AKA: CARAMEL BANANA COFFEE CAKE We have a few Christmas morning traditions,...