Step 5. Organize your feeds

The goal of Feeder is to help you organize the digital information in your life. Feeder makes it possible to rename your feeds and put them into folders.

Creating a folder

In your Settings, Press the “Add folder” button. Name your folder and add it to a parent folder (one of your other folders) if you want. Press “Add folder”.

Put your feeds in a folder

In your Settings, press “Edit” next to the feed you wish to add to your folder. Choose the right folder and click “Done”. This move can also be done immediately every time you choose to follow a new feed with Feeder.

Rename a feed

You can rename a feed in the same settings as the one above. Simply press “Edit” next to the feed and change the name.

Reorder your feeds

If you start playing around with your feeds and folders, you’ll notice that you can easily drag and drop them to change their list order.