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The Monster Under the Bed

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Last updated 12 days ago

#223 “Freakshow”

12 days ago

*Gasp* The Bottom Drawer of secrets has been opened!   PATREON

#222 “One Thing at a Time”

about 1 month ago

I wonder what they are talking about? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!   PATREON

#221 ” Perfectly Normal”

about 2 months ago

Everything is fiiiine! Nothing is weird or suspicious here!   PATREON

#220 “The Band-Aid”

2 months ago

Surprise, Mother Father! PATREON

#219 “A Big Misunderstanding”

3 months ago

Something is about to happen that could change everything! PATREON

#218 “High School Confidential”

3 months ago

Looks like there’s no way out now… or is there?!   PATREON

#217 “Her”

4 months ago

Do you have something to share with the class, Mr. Newton?   PATREON

#216 “No Escape”

4 months ago

Looks like Anna is in over her head now… I wonder what...

#215 “An Open Mind”

5 months ago

Oh snap! Where’d she get one of those?!   PATREON

#214 “The Perfect Candidate”

5 months ago

What IS going on, anyway? Stay tuned to find out, you might...

#213 “Branching Out”

6 months ago

Makeover makeover makeover… MAKE-OV-ER!   PATREON VOTE MERCH

#212 “Bad News”

6 months ago

Time for a meeting! MEETINGS! YAY   PATREON – Support for a $1.00?...